August 22, 2016

Marvel's latest attempt at shaming you

As reported by Doug Ernst, Marvel's latest way to shame you is by lambasting any objection you may have to the new Spider-Man movie Mary Jane being a black woman.

Once again, any objection to this, however innocent, means you're a intolerant racist.

The gnomish Dan Slott, of course, was one of those screaming "racist," playing "Captain White Privilege." Maybe Dan could put actions where his mouth is by giving up some of his privilege via giving his writing chores to a minority. Don't count on it.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn chimed in too, stating that if you complain about MJ's ethnicity, "your life is too good."

Cripes, at this point, it is surprising that Gunn hasn't changed his last name to assuage the perpetually aggrieved SJW crowd.

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