August 09, 2016

Because the Occupy movement was such a success ...

... Marvel Comics is investing time and energy on yet another "Avengers" title.

The writing chores of -- wait for it! -- Occupy Avengers -- go to Nighthawk scribe David Walker. Which means right away you kinda know what to expect.

Hawkeye, or in this case, Clint Barton, and some non-powered heroes will be traveling across the country to help average joes with their problems. Like Flint, Michigan's water crisis, Walker says.

"Or, for lack of a better term," he says, "that 99 percentile that is sort of synonymous with the Occupy movement; the people who are often trod upon, can't protect themselves, and don't feel like they're being protected because of things like corporate interests or political corruption."

Like the Democratic Party-controlled city of Flint? (Shhhh! Don't tell Walker that!) Or, politicians like Hillary Clinton who get off scot-free while if you or I -- or anyone from the so-called 99% -- did what she did we'd be in the clink?

Don't count on it.

And don't expect this book to go anywhere sales-wise, even if artist extraordinaire Carlos Pacheco is doing the first quartet of issues. Walker's Nighthawk has proven to be a sales disaster after only a few issues, and disgusting Gail Simone's similarly-themed book The Movement barely made it to a dozen editions before cancellation.

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I laugh my ass off when I heard about this title and I was like "Um aren't they nearly 4 years late?" Seriously I said something similar like that when I heard they are making the Movement "Wait aren't they like 2 years late?" Seriously!? What is wrong with this picture here? Oh yeah they are calling it "Occupy Avengers" and what is the point of calling it that when these are more street level heroes? When I think Avengers I think "Infinity Gauntlet," "Under Seige," "Assault on Olympus," "Celeste Madonna," and "Council of Krangs" not the Avengers fighting corrupt politicians, drug kingpins, or serial killers I mean these things have been in Avengers stories but not the main point of the books. Those type of stories were the focus of Daredevil, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, or Luke Cage would deal with. Why not create a new team or use an old team name to come up with this more down to Earth hero team? It is obvious of course just for the Avengers name and trying to get more money from like a small group of Marvel zombies who buy all the Marvel books even the ones no one gives a crap about and unlike some hidden gems these books are not given the time of day for a reason.

Posted by: Chibi Dingo at August 10, 2016 04:16 PM

Well, since Walker is so concerned about the evils of corporate entities, at what point will the Occupy Avengers travel to Marvel HQ and demand the editors return Jack Kirby's original artwork to his family?

Do you remember a few years back when DC did that Superman: Grounded storyline? This seems like those issues JMS wrote before giving up on in partway through: heroes just wandering around and lecturing whoever they come across. Excitement! Who needs to see Avengers 3 when they can just pick up this "exciting" comic?

Posted by: SpideyTerry at August 20, 2016 09:10 AM

@SpideyTerry what is funny technically that can happen in the Marvel Universe seeing as Marvel exists there as they do in real life XD
I always thought it would be interesting if a character went to the real world and saw how much the writers fuck up there life. It would be so freaking depressing.

Posted by: Chibi Dingo at August 21, 2016 04:03 PM

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