July 06, 2016

An old white guy is going to helm a 'young social activist' comic

Yeah, Marvel cares about diversity ... sometimes:

Marvel’s resurgent group of teenage crimefighters—whether that’s the time-lost young X-Men or the youngest All-New, All-Different Avengers—are doing something that’s very teen. They’re defying their older colleagues to go it alone, fighting crime and generally being all hopeful and grassroots-y while doing so.

That’s the premise behind Champions, a new book from Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos being released in the wake of Marvel’s “Marvel Now!” initiative later this year. Channelling a youthful sense of positivity and social activism, the new group is headlined by Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, after they chose to quit the Avengers for reasons currently unknown.

Waid? Waid?? The guy is in his mid-50s. He's a straight white dude. What a laugh ...

But one thing's for sure -- he'll nail down the "social activism" part, you can count on that. Just check out his Twitter feed. And if you differ in opinion from him, you can f*** off.

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Fade In:

Marvel Comics creative meeting room:

"Shit, no one under the age of 40 buys comics anymore. We need to do something!"

"We'll make a teenage avengers series! It'll be written for pre-teens to get them into the stores and buying comic books! we'll be rich!"

"Who could helm such an awesome project?"

"I can! I'm in touch with todays yuts! Like cowabunga and party on wayne!"

Fade out

Posted by: Arthur at July 6, 2016 11:13 AM

You know to be honest this is not a bad idea for Waid to write a teen superhero book I read his Ipulse it was very good. It is possible for an older man to write a teen book, a good example is New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman. He knew most teens did not in real life talk in slang or acted like little versions of adults (then again with twitter words like wtf, lol, and yolo but also college students do act like over grown children that I guess may not be the case)because teens acted a certain way throughout mdern America and he realized that, he captured it and put it on paper. If Waid wants to make it more modern I say he should research but use jokes that teens would make today not popculture or too modern language, doing so will allow it to hold up in ten years for future readers who go back and read it (you might say the type of humor may date it but to be honest I read older comics all my life and atleast half the jokes they made held up or I got was suppoused to be funny for the time). Yet I can't help but feel Marvel is ruining this book like so many others they have by either pandering to SJWs or forcing one sided politics into their book.
Look I have left leanings but I consider myself a libertarian more presently, if I have no idea I must suck up my pride and admit I am wrong about something when either proven wrong or I have no idea. What is depressing is the comic book writers feel because they are writers they are smarter than everyone else and know all about how things work. They are so blind they forget one type of intelligence does not transfer to another all the time. Namely just because you can write a story doesn't mean you know about engineering too, or how quantum physics work, or for that matter how politics namely economic, global, or even local works. They do overlap I will give that but the thing that seems to trump (no pun intended) intelligence is that emotion or agenda can override their empathy or their own intelligence. I am afraid many writers can't do it anymore, they can't create a barrier between writing a story that a large audience will like that has lets say a small agenda where it is pretty much harmless and over looked but now they push their agenda that it is pretty much on fire and it shatters that barrier.
(sorry for the long post just wanted to get my feelings out. I have to go now. If it is ok I might post again to explain the second half).

Posted by: Chibi and Dingo at July 6, 2016 08:30 PM

Now for the second half of my thoughts (sorry for it being so long and thank you to those who take their time to read this beast).
My thoughts on the characters:
Nova namely the Sam Alexander version, I do not give a shit about this character, I have never read his comic I am a Richard Ryder fan. I watched the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon with him in it and I was like "I hope he turns out to be evil, I hate this guy." Plus I seen his main writer's twitter and was like "Yeah no..."

Cyclops namely Teen Cyclops. I hate the idea of the All New X-Men, it made the original team look like assholes, the previews I seen kept turning me off the book and in a way it helped ruin my feelings about one of my favorite X-Men books First Class. I just wish they will disappear and the X-Men get their series back on track.

Vision's Daughter.....why does this character exist? Why does the Vision family exist? He made them to experience family life...what about Wanda? What about Wiccan and Speed? Aren't they still his kids? Is this the same Vision from the old comics? I just don't care.

Miles Morales Spider-Man,I sorta like Miles but I haven't read about him in a while. I just think it is sorta confusing there are two Spider-Men running around. But hey it happens in DC and Marvel before so it is not the worst thing just makes him feel not that unique.

Amadeus Cho Hulk, I like Cho not sure about him as the Hulk. I am going to read his series from the library to get an idea about his version of the Hulk.

Now for Ms.Marvel, I read her series. It got boring really fast. She is not unique in personality all female either young adult or teenage are written like her. I find her boring and her personality got old fast. I also find it annoying that they never have her directly deal with issues about Islam. No having her try something new (like maybe she does take gym class and change with the other girls and it causes from strife, or maybe she gets a Jewish friend and her brother takes issue so she tries to be diplomatic about it, or maybe she does meet a radical Muslim who does fucked up shit like rape, murder like honor killing, or genitalia mutilation and her fighting radical Islam because if your so moderate shouldn't you also police your own or speak out against them) but nope. They so far as I know went the safe route. Booooooooooo!!!!

So to tally:
3 I hate, 1 I give no shit about, and 2 I do like yet not 100% sure on...probably not going to buy or read this one. Then again I may read it if I see previews it is good, and if this very blogger (Colossus of Rhodey), Four Color Media, and Douglas all say "This book is the best book in over a decade" or atleast last 5 years...then maybe just maybe I will read it.

Posted by: Chibi and Dino at July 7, 2016 09:38 PM

Hi Chibi -- yeah, I know Waid can adequately write a story with young people. My point is that Marvel always appears to argue the OPPOSITE. They're incredibly "diversity conscious," but their creators remain overwhelmingly white and male. I suppose since they all say, write, and do the "right" things, they're in the clear.

Posted by: Hube at July 10, 2016 09:02 AM

SJWs have complained about that in the past, Marvel normally just goes "Ok lets get a token guy to write Black Panther or a token female writer to write a female book," to be honest I prefer merit over diversity (which Marvel will never do because if they do that it would basically show why obsession with diversity is dumb) and if they need to write a character of color all they got to do is research. Call up a friend who is part of the same group, class, or age as the character "Hey how should I write this aspect of the character or what if you were in this situation" or examining documents about it or hell look at social media sites or blogs. But yeah keep up the good work Hube your one of my favorite bloggers.

Posted by: Chibi and Dingo at July 10, 2016 04:50 PM

Chibi and Dingo-I know what you mean about Miss Marvel, I had similar views. Marvel had tried to push her hard. I particularly like how they try to say the book is a big hit even thought the numbers tell a different story.
I have my views here if you would like to see them:


The books were way over hyped.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: An old white guy is going to helm a 'young social activist' comic
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The Colossus of Rhodey: An old white guy is going to helm a 'young social activist' comic

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