July 03, 2016

It's official: Marvel only cares about its left-wing audience

They've now turned the swollen-headed MODOK into a Donald Trump analogue:

The being is called M.O.D.A.A.K. -- Mental Organism Designed As America’s King.

This was the ... "brain-child" of Spider-Gwen Annual #1 writer Jason Latour. (Yes, Spider-Gwen. Somehow, somewhen, Gwen Stacy acquired spider-powers. Modern Marvel Comics, people.) Maybe Latour is establishing his "progressive" bona-fides in order to ingratiate himself into the political "club" of the likes of Dan Slott, Tom Brevoort, and Nick Spencer. Maybe he really feels that way. Whatever the case, there's only one type of politics evident at Marvel's comics division: Far left.

Whatever the case, here's the deal: 1) If you're a Republican/conservative, Marvel Comics doesn't want your business. Period. And 2) Marvel Comics couldn't come up with an engaging, original idea if their collective lives depended on it.

So Trump wants to be "king" of the United States? Where the f*** has Latour, et. al. been the last goddamn eight years?? Too busy working on panels like this.

Meanwhile, we'll await something like M.O.B.A.M.A. -- Moronic Organism Built for Absurdity and Muslim Appeasement.

See also: Doug Ernst's post on MODAAK. (h/t to Doug, too, for the first image above.)

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For your information: I do believe Spider-Gwen is from an alternate universe where she was the one bit by the spider instead of Peter (and it was Peter killed by the Green Goblin). She was revealed in the Spider-Universe crossover and as a consequence got stuck in the main Marvel Universe IIRC.

(to be fair, it would be pretty interesting to see all those old spidey stories rewritten with Gwen as the superhero instead of Peter)

Posted by: Nate Winchester at July 6, 2016 10:11 AM

The Colossus of Rhodey: It's official: Marvel only cares about its left-wing audience
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