June 08, 2016

The Nick Spencer/Marvel 'business model' rocks on

If really need any sort of confirmation of what the current crop of comicbook creators think of those with whom they disagree, look no further than the writer of Captain America, Nick Spencer.

Really? Though I concur it wasn't a very wise thing to say, "progressives" get away with this sort of stuff all. The. Time. Like take one of our very own Supreme Court justices:

And more from Nick:

And if you begin wondering about Spencer's grasp of reality:

Yeah, the media is so determined ...!!!


Well yeah, you jackass. Like, maybe they expect some sort of social media professionalism from a guy in your position, and not a fanboyish jerkoff.

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Jerkoff is much too mild. Just a liberal idiot wit ha closed mind and "We are right about everything" attitude. My three brothers are the same. Zero understand how far from reality their stances are.

Posted by: Mike Schau at June 8, 2016 01:58 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: The Nick Spencer/Marvel 'business model' rocks on
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