May 24, 2016

Marvel's Nighthawk writer: 'Racism biggest threat to black people'

Marvel's new Nighthawk is not the one older fans might think of -- the Batman analogue who was a member of the classic super-team The Defenders -- but an alternate reality version brought into the Marvel Universe "proper" (due to yet another silly "big -- crossover -- event").

This 'Hawk is, and was, a member of the Squadron Supreme. No, not the version Mark Gruenwald made famous with his mid-1980s limited series, but the one J. Michael Straczynski created in Supreme Power and later a new Squadron Supreme. His parents were killed by (white) racists, and this has made him one angry vigilante.

New series writer David Walker explains his take on the character:

Nighthawk is driven by rage. He is angry with everyone and everything, and he has trouble containing that anger, so he focuses it and turns it loose on what he feels is the most obvious responsible party. Of course, it is far more complicated than that, which is part of what makes this character interesting. Here you have a black man, whose parents were murdered by racists, and he blames the racist ideologies that inform our society for their deaths.

Traditionally, superheroes act as extensions of law and order. They may act outside the boundaries of the law, but when all is said and done, they are at service to law and order, which makes them part of the status quo of the criminal justice system. The problem with this system is that it often falls short of adequately serving black people in America. We have seen this time and time again, when police officers kill unarmed blacks, and the court system fails to convict the killer. The two biggest threats to black people in this country are racism and the criminal justice system that is infected by the disease or racism. At some point, if you are a black superhero, fighting to protect black people, you are going to reach a crossroads where you will realize that you must protect them from the forces of law and order—from the status quo.

Indeed. Get this: The series is set in ... Chicago. And Walker seriously claims racism is the deadliest threat to blacks?? "Time and time again" we have seen men in blue shoot and kill blacks?

Yet again, Marvel's comics division business model is one big head-scratcher.

I've a better title for this book, Mr. Walker: Nighthawk: The Mistaken Narrative.

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The series is set in Chicago, but ... "racism" is what the citizens have to fear? HAHAHA!

I think I read that Chicago is on pace for a record amount of homicides in 2016. Someone should ask Mr. Walker how many of those killings will be perpetrated by racist white guys. My guess is somewhere between zero and ... zero. If it's one or two then circle back with me and I will wipe the speck of egg off my face.

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at May 24, 2016 10:11 PM

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Marvel's Nighthawk writer: 'Racism biggest threat to black people'

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The Colossus of Rhodey: Marvel's Nighthawk writer: 'Racism biggest threat to black people'

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