March 22, 2016

Two of our favorite moonbat comics folk react to Brussels attacks

Isn't the following tweet by the gnomish Dan Slott oh-so sweet?

He also snarkily retweets two tweets, one to which he reacts thusly -- "FFS" -- and another which says "@FoxNews right now blaming #brusselsattack on "political correctness."

Meanwhile 'ol Ron Marz has the cojones to tweet this:

Just not as shameless, you see, as Obama and the Left blaming mass shootings on the 2nd Amendment, the existence of Gitmo for the action of jihadis, and not to mention refusing to call what we're fighting what it is: Radical Islamic Terror. (Y'see, Slott, political correctness IS partly to blame for things like Brussels.)

Other than these, it was fairly quiet on the creator front regarding Belgium. Which also says something.

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When I read their comments I cannot help but to think dumb and dumber.

Both of them are blinded by their own views.

Posted by: captain frugal at March 24, 2016 02:14 PM

Oh here it is, more of this stuff.

Around 3/28/2016, [The White House] gave a speech like: [You know that bombing in Pakistan, where a Taliban group in Pak. said they did the bombing to target Christians? Well we, [the White House], found out that there were non-Christians that got hurt in the bombing, so that means this might not be a bombing that targeted Christians].

Talk about Obama + staff trying their best: not to acknowledge that a group was targeted, + keep themselves, Obama + staff, from working on stopping criminal attacks.

So, does that mean- since some non-US people were hurt at the Boston Marathon Bombing, then that means that this attack was not done to target U.S. people?

I'm just waiting for a North Korean Battleship to start firing on Seoul, South Korea, and then Obama will say: [Well, maybe it was a mistake. Maybe they meant to attack some land somewhere else]. Amazing.

Posted by: TR at March 29, 2016 02:08 AM

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