March 03, 2016

(Really) low expectations

Comics moonbats Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen really like Barack Obama:

ObumbleCare? You mean the preposterously flawed "overhaul" of which only 15% of the public say they're satisfied??


Did Obama have anything to do with marriage equality? Remarkably, somehow, Mr. Obama believed marriage was only between a man and woman when running for president.

It's true the White House filed briefs before the Supreme Court when it heard the case on the issue; nevertheless, it was the high court, not Obama, which made marriage equality a reality. Does anyone really think just because Obama outed himself with his real stance on gay marriage and filed briefs in favor of such that it would significantly sway what the justices thought? If anyone deserves "credit," it's the usually conservative-leaning justice (Anthony Kennedy) who ended up voting with the (liberal) majority.


As for "hauling us out of a recession," um, yeah, ok.


Remember, these creators think they're really smart. And if you disagree with them, you'll be blocked or worse -- like told to "f*** off."

I mean, whoa -- who can legitimately argue with such a profound statement like "Only a seven-year old can legitimately claim that Barack Obama is the worst president of their lifetime"?

(h/t FCMM)

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To be fair, Hube, Obama brought all that peace to the Middle East by pulling out of Iraq. Oh, wait, that led to ISIS... and Obama insisted on ignoring ISIS for a couple years, allowing them to become the threat they are now. He also smashed up Libya, caved into Iran (the number one sponsor of state terrorism), and alienated our allies in the region.

And praising Obamacare? That's freakin' hilarious. Between surging premiums, massive deductibles, emergency room visits spiking, millions having trouble finding a doctor, and millions more refusing to even sign up, that little bit of legislation is the biggest boondoggle since before Ike was in the White House.

As for that "hauling us out of a recession" garbage, there's a lot of concern we'll be in for another recession before the year is over. Somehow I doubt Kurt and other liberals will be quick to blame the guy in the Oval Office like they were in 2008.

There's a reason why Obama is having Steven Spielberg craft the narrative on his presidency once he's out of office. He's got no actual accomplishments, so he needs a director to work movie magic to make him look good. And given Spielberg's track record for the last 20 years, it'll suck pretty hard anyway.

Posted by: SpideyTerry at March 6, 2016 08:23 AM

Yeah, Obamacare is so great ...

Posted by: Nate Winchester at March 6, 2016 08:58 PM

Did any government program have a "fairly" successful end result?

Posted by: 008 at March 11, 2016 11:39 PM

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