February 04, 2016

Robert Reich fears Ted Cruz

Robert Reich fears Ted Cruz. He wrote an article called

Five reasons Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump:

Because I like you people, I read it so you don't have to. Herewith are the five points he makes along with my insightful commentary:

1. Hes more fanatical.

2. Cruz is a true believer.

Simply translated, he believes what he says. He doesn't just parrot whatever the Old Guard of his party says (that's me avoiding the use of the term "Establishment). He genuinely believes that government is overfunded, over-reaching, overweaning, and overlarge. He really does believe that the Federal government has far too much power and it acts as a drag on the economy and inhibits personal liberty. Trump, on the other hand, is presented as a reasonable guy who is a dealmaker. Someone the Democrats can work with. What he fails to realize is that is precisely what Cruz voters have objected to the last two elections and what Trump voters think he is not. They do think he can get deals done but they don't think Trump is a compromiser. He is.

3. Hes Smarter.

This is undoubtedly true and even his harshest critics cannot reasonably paint him as dumb or even anything less than brilliant. Alan Dershowitz called him "off the charts brilliant". Given that Dershowitz is legenarily fearsome in terms of his legal mind that is seriously impressive.

4. Hes more disciplined and strategic.

Where Trump is all sparks, Cruz is the fire. Trump castigates and derides his opponents. Cruz dismantles them or disarms them. Cruz is a very methodical thinker and a master of marshaling an argument and can speak passionately and with conviction because he really does believe what he says. Part of that brilliance is the fact that he doesn't have to reach into his bag of preplanned speeches to cover a topic. This is what separates him from Rubio on the stump.

5. Cruz is a loner whos willing to destroy institutions.

Yes and this is why I love him. When he says he wants to destroy the IRS he means it. Not as a talking point, not as a stemwinder or a way to "energize the base". He really does believe we can do without it. Whether this is achievable is another matter but if presented with a bill to eliminate the IRS in favor of a tax plan even similar to his own, he'd sign it.

All of the things that make Cruz so scary for Reich is exactly why his supporters love him. Whip smart, methodical, disciplined, strategic and a true believer who is not beholden to the party apparatus.

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Exactly.Reich knows that Cruz will not be malleable to the establishment whims like trump and Rubio. Let's face it Jimmy Carter just endorsed trump what does that tell you?

Posted by: Max at February 5, 2016 08:52 AM

Perhaps, but will he fix the government or run it into the ground?

Posted by: 008 at March 11, 2016 11:47 PM

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