October 27, 2015

Writer of 'Captain America' once worked for Democratic pol

This shouldn't surprise anyone.

Nick Spencer also ran unsuccessfully for Cincinnati City Council (twice). In addition, he was accused of "not upholding his end of the bargain" regarding a dispute over ownership of his (now-former) bar, including "paying his rent and mismanaging the barís finances."

Just so you know the mind-set of the guy who is now having the pages of Capt. America denounce those who are against illegal immigration.

Oh, and here's still more from just the other day:

(h/t to FCMM)

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Spencer must be truly deluded if he believes Hillary came off well at the Benghazi hearing. She repeatedly contradicted her own story, made it clear she knew Stevens was worried about his security, and generally shrugged off the deaths of four innocent people.

Posted by: SpideyTerry at October 27, 2015 05:43 PM

He's a true believer.

Posted by: Hube at October 27, 2015 05:44 PM

Well, that true believer should face front and accept that his house is lacking in credible ideas.

Posted by: SpideyTerry at October 29, 2015 12:39 AM

It's amazing what former occupations a person has nowadays...

Posted by: D09 at October 31, 2015 09:11 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Writer of 'Captain America' once worked for Democratic pol
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