September 15, 2015

And it continues: Batman to go into 'Black Lives Matter mode'

"[T]he book holds 'white readers accountable for their complicity in the real-world situations that the comic analogizes,'" says comicbook critic Emma Houxbois.

But of course.


Read more about the storyline from my pal Douglas Ernst.

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Boy, I can just imagine what Batman and Robin would have to say about this.

"Holy ineffectual holding cells, Batman! The Joker has just escaped from Arkham and killed dozens of people!"

"I know, old chum, but the writers at DC say I must be more concerned with one bad cop in Gotham's police force than a super-villain wreaking havoc."

"But, Batman, aren't there decades worth of stories of Gotham's police department being hopelessly corrupt and engaging in all sorts of sordid acts? Isn't such material supposed to be a cornerstone of why you're necessary and why Commissioner Gordon is so invaluable?"

"Yes, but due to the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, DC feels it can make some money by claiming all police officers are evil and condemning all white people, too."

"I just can't believe that the company that's infamous for ripping off Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster has the temerity to lecture anyone else on anything."

"Careful, Robin. You don't want to stir up memories of Gail Simone's insipid Occupy-inspired book."

"Okay, but doesn't DC realize that they're making you look stupid by making you question what you're fighting for when you've spent years fighting in the most crime-ridden city in the multiverse? Don't they also realize they'll only further alienate readers and make their declining sales even worse?"

"I'm afraid not, Robin. DC believes it can play to the Social Justice Warrior crowd--failing to realize that doing so didn't save Joss Whedon or the scores of other Hollywood liberals who didn't tow the line. As Batgirl could tell us, it was the SJWs who made DC change one of her variant covers because it had the gall to portray the Joker as threatening."

"Can they be that spineless?"

"I'm afraid so, old friend. DC personnel only act tough towards those they disagree with and from the safety of Twitter, no less."

"What can we do?"

"The only thing we can do: hope the misguided and talentless writers are soon gone and replaced by those with creativity that's immune to political bias."

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The Colossus of Rhodey: And it continues: Batman to go into 'Black Lives Matter mode'

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The Colossus of Rhodey: And it continues: Batman to go into 'Black Lives Matter mode'

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