July 20, 2015

Kiss my ass, Donald Trump

Betsy, via Ace:

Trump blames McCain for not having done enough for veterans. Really? How are the problems in the VA the fault of McCain who has always been a strong advocate for veterans? And what has Trump done for veterans? And how does a man who had three student deferments and a medical deferment for a bone spur get off criticizing a man who spent five and a half years being tortured? I don't mind someone of that era taking every opportunity to avoid serving in Vietnam, but at least he could have the grace to shut his mouth in criticizing someone else's service.

If you need a refresher as to why John McCain is indeed a hero, see here.

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It's very telling that a guy who boasts about his lack of a filter has spent days trying to clarify his comments and deflect. He knows he's getting a lot of criticism from people who turn out to vote in primaries. Frankly, he's validating what was said over at Ace of Spades a couple days back: Trump talks tough because he's surrounded by yes-men. Take him out of that comfort zone and, well, you get the fallout of these POW comments.

I'll be curious to see his polling after this little fiasco. He's busy trumpeting the results of the latest poll, but that was largely taken before those McCain comments (just one day post-POW bashing). The poll even acknowledges that people they did ask about the comments reacted very badly. I doubt it's a coincidence that Trump finally tried a half-apology last night on O'Reilly.

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