July 15, 2015

A perfect example of why so many voters are fed up

Not to mention why blowhard Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls: Rules for Delaware immigrant driving card debated.

Gotta love how this local story focuses (in part) on an illegal immigrant who's "fearful" about the fingerprint requirement, and who complains that taking the bus is "very slow to get to work or to go to other places."

Yeah, she's so "fearful" that she allowed the News Journal to take her picture, and she even pointed out that she works at a McDonald's.

That's probably because, unfortunately, the reality here in ultra-blue Delaware is that unless someone engages in a Kathryn Steinle-style murder, (illegal) immigrants have little to be worried about.

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Just imagine our insurance rates in another year. That's a lot of uninsured motorist claims.

Posted by: Arthur at July 15, 2015 05:15 PM

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