June 07, 2015

Salon writer engages in superhero anti-Semitism

No, not really, but just consider ...

Itís time for Marvel to make Magneto black.

Writer Eli Keel says "And fans who grew up with a certain version of a character have a hard time letting go of the past. (Also, unfortunately, a bunch of fans are way racist.)"

Of course. So why isn't Keel an anti-Semite -- or, why can't we call him such -- based on his article's headline, hmm? Or, why does he want a black guy to become a popular Marvel villain? Why not a hero?

Of course, social justice warriors are anything, if not inconsistent, natch.

You gotta read his ideas for a rebooted X-Men. Is it any wonder why comics are failing? Who the f*** wants to read about Professor X and Magneto embroiled in the real civil rights movement, them following Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. respectively?

Maybe Keel doesn't get that we're dealing with SUPERHEROES. The whole premise of mutants is to write fiction with a civil rights allegory -- super-powered beings with abilities far above those of normal man.

His solution for "erasing" the Jewishness of Magneto? "... make the many other Marvel Jewish characters interact with and respect their heritage and culture more openly."

Yeah, that'll work. After all, the new Muslim Ms. Marvel's pontificating on things Islamic has resulted in a "whopping" less-than-thirty thousand books sold per month. (If you want to see how these sales figures stack up historically, just Google it. Hint: They suck.) So now we should demand characters like Kitty Pryde ramble on about the significance of the seder plate.

In a superhero comic.

Yet another reason I haven't bought a new comicbook in almost ten years. I'll stick with Essentials and assorted trade paperbacks of great stories of the past.

Posted by Hube at June 7, 2015 08:46 PM | TrackBack

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"Also, unfortunately, a bunch of fans are way racist"

That's some tough talk from someone writing for a website almost (if not completely) staffed by white people. You could find more diversity on MSNBC.

Keel is brain-dead, his ideas are ridiculous, he accuses those he disagrees with of being racist, and he clearly has no idea what the hell he's talking about. In other words, Marvel would hire him in a second.

"After all, the new Muslim Ms. Marvel's pontificating on things Islamic has resulted in a "whopping" less-than-thirty thousand books sold per month."

Even by the extremely diminished standards of today, those sales figures are laughable.

Posted by: SpideyTerry at June 8, 2015 06:21 AM

What a douche, this Keel. He clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. Where does Salon find clowns like him?

Typical progressive, though, calling people he disagrees with "racist." Like Hube, stuff like this is the reason why I don't buy new comics.

Posted by: Carl at June 8, 2015 03:39 PM