May 27, 2015

Ron Marz miffed at the one conservative teacher who goes too far

But you can bet that if this teacher was a "progressive" (and make no mistake, most teachers fall into that category) and said something like this about George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan, well, then, you can bet the tweets would be lauding the guy.

Oh oh! It's the LAST STRAW for big 'ol RON MARZ, folks!

A few thoughts here:

-- As a trained social studies teacher myself, IF what Marz's 6th grade son told him is accurate, then the teacher was way out of line. A social studies/history teacher's job, when covering politics and/or controversial topics, is to be as fair as possible, covering -- and allowing -- multiple perspectives to be voiced.

-- Marz's son is in 6th grade. What are the chances he might -- just might -- be exaggerating? Especially if he knows dad's politics pretty well? Middle schoolers never lie or pump up a story, right? Is it possible the teacher examined ways in which some people view Obama's actions as "tyrannical?" Y'know, like how guys like Marz viewed (many of) G.W. Bush's actions?

-- At least Marz didn't name the teacher or the school publicly. Anonymous complaining via Twitter is fine, and if he decides to go in and discuss the matter with the teacher as a first step, that's the right course of action.

-- As noted, you can bet your bottom dollar Marz would have NO problem with a left-wing instructor involved in a similar situation.

Be sure to read the comments at the tweets above to get a good laugh. It's a perfect example of the "progressive" "It's OK when I do it, but don't dare you do it!" mindset.

Posted by Hube at May 27, 2015 06:26 PM | TrackBack

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It at this point I realized that Ron is what Dan Slott is gonna be like once his career starts to fade. Granted, there's not much difference between them now as far as temperament and obnoxiousness, but Ron's more like Grampa Simpson at this point: shouting a lot of random crap and barely being acknowledged.

The comic book creators' rest home is gonna be one nasty and depressing place.

"Y'know, like how guys like Marz viewed (many of) G.W. Bush's actions?"

I'd wager Marz was one of those nutjobs proclaiming Bush would ignore the 2008 election and take over the country in a coup.

Posted by: SpideyTerry at May 27, 2015 11:16 PM

Wow you have to love how liberal comic nuts try to hide their attempts to push their views under the guise of a good cause:

It may have some good points but you can be sure it is full of liberal bias.

Posted by: N/A at May 28, 2015 07:04 AM

I bet the laugh at how crazy he is every time he leaves the school.
I feel bad for his children since they are getting taught how to be a left wing extremist with no sense of reality.

Posted by: N/A at May 30, 2015 08:39 AM

You can bet if the teacher showed "An Inconvenient Truth" in class, Marz would be singing the dude's praises. Despite the utter bullsh** it puts forth.

Posted by: Hube at May 30, 2015 08:38 PM

More fun, the moron expects the school to pay for his kids teaching supplies.

Grow up and take care of your kids.

Posted by: NA at June 1, 2015 02:53 PM

If true, action ought to be taken against the teacher. I teach government to high school seniors, and I don't get anywhere near that critical of Obama in class -- despite the fact that my students are (or practically are) adults.

But I somehow doubt that is what was said.

And I agree -- Marz would consider such comments about a conservative president to be fair and truthful.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at June 1, 2015 06:18 PM

Call it a hunch but based on the exaggeration and twisting of facts that Marz often uses I doubt his story is accurate. Anything less than Bush is the devil and Obama is perfect would be less than acceptable with his ignorant view of the world.

As you see he has added to the narrative...seems to far off to be true.

Posted by: N/A at June 4, 2015 06:19 PM

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