April 21, 2015

And in another triumph for the S.J.W.'s

One of the original X-Men, Iceman, will now be gay.

I mean, at this point, why the f*** not? And hell, why stop there? Why not make the whole team gay?

Ironically, I was just reading X-Men #56 and 57 from the classic Neal Adams collection ... and in those issues Bobby Drake (Iceman) was sure torn up -- and jealous -- about Lorna Dane aka Polaris. Not to mention, there's a scene where he thinks to himself about Jean Grey "What a gal!"

But screw all that. We have cultural score to settle, dammit!

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Hopefully after the end of the discontinuity abomination which is current "marvel" brand farming, Disney will simply strictly enforce the comicbooks as adjuncts to the movies and we will once again have a normal mainstream and coherent Marvel (Movie) Universe with as tight continuity as possible and no more of this objectionable twaddle.

Posted by: Flying Tiger Comics at April 21, 2015 06:53 PM

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