March 26, 2015

An alternate reality

Boss Obama: ISIS is a "JV team."

Boss Obama: Yemen is "success story."

Boss Obama: Bowe Bergdahl, the Army deserter who "served with honor and distinction" and who was swapped for five radical Islamists bent on killing Americans and is now facing formal court martial -- the swap was "still worth it."

Boss Obama: Iranian leaders who chanted "Death to America" were merely pandering to a domestic audience, so our secret nuke deal is still ongoing.

Boss Obama: Sends political hit squad to Israel to defeat (real) man who dared to offend our Dear Leader. (Thankfully, said hit squad was unsuccessful.)

Boss Obama: What Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton emails?

Boss Obama: What DHS favoritism towards a Clinton relative?

Boss Obama: Representatives dispatched to Ferguson, MO based on complete fabrication.

Maybe they really will discover a parallel reality ... only it sure seems we're living in it right now.

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