January 22, 2015

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

It's been a while since our last entry, but hopefully this'll be worth your while: "The Other Side of Charlie Hebdo" by Alexander MacLachlan.

The staff of Charlie Hebdo can be seen in many ways like the schoolyard bullies we so much dislike. Only, in this case instead of the schoolyard they sit in their cartoon drawing rooms to dream up all sorts of ways to hurt institutions and individuals who cannot normally be expected to retaliate.

My comments are not meant to equate murder with drawing offensive cartoons or stories or art that desecrates images held sacred by some, but rather to illustrate the analogy and similarity that exists between the bully and the bullied.

Ye gad, where to begin?

First, y'know how one is expected to "retaliate" for something like Charlie Hebdo? With more speech, that's how.

Second, to call a parody magazine a "bully" and radical Islam "bullied" is so far beyond the realm of sanity as to defy description. At the most, the former offends some people. The latter routinely beats, tortures and murders people.

Wake up and smell the blasphemy, Alex.

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