January 20, 2015

The Marvel Universe is coming to an end

And considering the buffoons now in charge over there (like Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort among others), I don't have much hope that what Stan "The Man" Lee, Jack Kirby and the other Bullpen members started in 1961 will in any way be improved upon.

Brevoort confirmed that the eight-issue series Secret Wars will represent the end of both the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.

Saying that the mainstream Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe would "smash together" during the upcoming Secret Wars crossover event, Alonso and Brevoort went on to elaborate that, by the time Secret Wars #1 hits the stands, every world in Marvel's multiverse will be destroyed, with pieces of each forming Battleworld, the staging ground for the Secret Wars storyline

"Once we hit Secret Wars #1, there is no Marvel Universe, Ultimate Universe, or any other. It's all Battleworld," Brevoort said.

Yeesh. These geniuses couldn't even come up with an original way to create a whole new comics universe, having to resort to the exact same title and planet name as the original series from thirty years ago.

The new universe will combine elements from the old Marvel Universe, the Ultimate Universe, and a few others.

Hey, rival DC tried this with a gimmick called "The New 52" and it was a big hit! (/sarcasm)

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Lame. Rebooting is a sign you've run out of ideas.

Posted by: Carl at January 20, 2015 06:04 PM

And they couldn't even come up with an original NAME for the reboot!!

Posted by: Hube at January 20, 2015 06:06 PM

Exactly. That's even more pathetic. At least DC's reboot had an original name, Flashpoint.

Posted by: Carl at January 20, 2015 06:27 PM

It's not the characters who need to be rebooted so much as Marvel's writers, editors, and management. Their failures over the last decade (at least) made this stupid stunt necessary.

2015: The end of the Old Marvel Universe to try to boost sales

2017: The return of the Old Marvel Universe to try to boost sales

2018: Disney shuts the whole thing down and focuses on movies and TV for the next few years.

Posted by: tops116 at January 20, 2015 07:12 PM

That would be the best thing. Let comics go by the way side and let the joss whedons and Jon favreaus handle the stories of the superheroes from now on

Posted by: Arthur at January 21, 2015 08:37 AM

I have to agree with tops116 on this, the change needs to be the staff not the characters for what they have had to suffer because of the staff.

Posted by: truthwillwin1 at January 21, 2015 10:09 AM

Remember when our "pal" X-menxpert said that "Marvel will never reboot?"

And I also agree with Tops116 regarding the writers.

Posted by: Carl at January 21, 2015 01:37 PM


This guy gets it. Marvel Comics Universe had real time, continuity, great storytelling and constant change not the "illusion of change".

paper Marvel is dead.

Posted by: Flying Tiger Comics at January 25, 2015 08:41 PM

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