January 08, 2015

Best of mainstream media bias post-France attack

Via Newsbusters:

  • NY Times' Nick Kristof: "Is Islam to blame to France attack?"

  • The Daily Beast's Chris Dickey: "Miniscule # of French Muslims supports violence." (Oh really? See this earlier Colossus post.)

  • MSM upset at Fox News for "obsessing" over Islamist terror attacks. (Right -- wait until next time there's a shooting where the suspect had Tea Party literature in his house.)

  • Financial Times' says Charlie Hebdo was "stupid" for "baiting" Muslims.

  • Former prez candidate and DNC chair Howard Dean: "Don't call the Paris shooters 'Muslim terrorists.'"

  • NY Times worries now about "anti-immigrant sentiment" in Europe.

  • Politico's Dylan Byers wondered at 4pm yesterday whether killers were Islamic terrorists

And so it goes ...

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