December 07, 2014

Unfortunately, we don't get 'em -- nor just them -- from you

Comicbook scribe Gail Simone:

Unfortunately, Gail, in the last decade (give or take a few years), readers haven't gotten many good comicbook stories.

And you state they "just" want good stories. Then why do you and so many of your ilk rant and rave about (leftist) politics on social media? It's bad enough that in these rants your knowledge of actual history and facts is often wanting, but you also demean and demonize those with different views and opinions.

Yes -- you are correct, Gail. Comicbook readers just want good stories. I guess acknowledgement of that is the first step in your "recovery," so to speak.

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They haven't told good stories in a LONG time. The movies have eclipsed the comics in recent years.

I've never thought much of Gail Simone as a writers, apart from maybe a few comics she did like "Birds of Prey," even though Chuck Dixon's run was better. She injects her radical feminism and progressivism into everything she writes.

People act like she's some kind of female trailblazer in the industry because of that stupid "Women in Refergerators" website, but there were plenty of (better) female creators before her. Louise Simonson comes to mind. Ramona Fardon did artwork for DC in the 1950s and 1960s. Those are just two examples.

Posted by: Carl at December 8, 2014 01:18 PM

Yeah, the movies have definitely eclipsed the comics. That's why 20th Century Fox doesn't give a crap about Wolverine being killed off or the possibility of the Fantastic Four being cancelled. They got the movie rights. With each flick, they stand to make more in a day than the comics do in a year.

Disney only bought Marvel to cash in on movies, cartoons, and toys; the comics make chump change. DC hasn't really felt that burn yet since their movies are a couple years or so away from being churned out, but the day is coming. These days, comic book writers at the Big Two seem like wounded animals--posturing on social media but revealing a fear that they'll eventually be put out to pasture. Maybe that's why Dan Slott, Mark Waid, and others always seem so pissed off.

As for Gail, she strikes me as the kind of writer who's better working off something someone else started rather than her own creations. That's not necessarily a bad thing for a comic book writer, mind you. Frank Miller did wonders for Daredevil; Peter David for the Hulk; Chris Claremont for the X-Men; Denny O'Neill and Neil Addams for Batman. There are certainly other examples, too, but I wouldn't put Gail in their league. I always found her work rather pedestrian. I didn't read "Birds of Prey," but her (brief) run on "Action Comics" before "One Year Later" was tepid at best. Carl hit the nail on the head: Gail ain't no Louise Simonson.

Posted by: tops116 at December 8, 2014 07:26 PM

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