November 14, 2014

Game. Set. Match

It has often been said that in order to get elected, Republicans tell voters what they plan to do then don't follow through. Democrats lie about what they're going to do and then do it. I wasn't cynical enough to really believe that intentional lying and deceit was the purpose. I always chalked it up to lack of foresight and refusing to believe in immutable laws of nature and economics.

Along comes Jonathan Gruber to prove me wrong. He has said, directly, that he and the Democrats lied repeatedly and intentionally to get their law passed.

Patterico has the concrete quotes that prove, in no uncertain terms, that the central architect is a serial liar.

This is Chicago politics on a national scale. This is going to be Waterloo for the ACA. It is also going to be the beginning of the end of Federal domination of the states. California has decided it likes weed and Texas has decided it likes business and those two poles are going to pull and stretch until the fabric of federal micromanagement of the states is torn. Hopefully forever. I believe the next great political battle is going to be over federalism. Let's just hope the right side wins this time.

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Be sure to check out The College Fix later today for an interview with my pal, Rich Weinstein.

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