November 07, 2014

'Everybody's right'

The following is a guest post by Nate Winchester:


Well, wasn't that a fun and exciting election night! Of everything to come out of it, this is my favorite cartoonic take.

But you know what's the funny part. I've been looking at some reactions around the web and this:

"Don't do something stupid like pandering to the small minority of ___"
Is a sentiment you can find EVERYWHERE on conservative enclaves on the web, with each site filling in the blank with someone different. Social conservatives, libertarians, neo-cons, business oriented, etc etc. I'm tempted to make it a game: "See if there's anybody you can mentioned as somebody the republicans shouldn't listen to!"

The worst part? Everybody's right! Time for a thought exercise!

Say there's 3 groups of people: A, B and C (exact identities don't matter). Now imagine there are 3 political issues: 1, 2, and 3. Group A favors issues 1 and 3, but hates 2. Group B favors issues 1 and 2, but hates 3. And C favores issues 2 and 3, but hate issue 1.

Now, how do you govern? Better yet, if you were one of 3 representatives from one of the groups, how would you weigh the issues? Would you join with B for issue 1, even though that will anger C and make it less likely that they'll work with you on issue 3? And notice that I never explained who was what group or what issue because the exact details don't matter, look at the issue logically and dispassionately. How could you solve the issue?

And this is just a thought exercise, deliberately simplified so as make it easier for our brains to grasp and unpack the issue. Imagine how it is in the real world with dozens and dozens of sub groups with each having competing priorities and deal breakers.

What's the answer? I honestly don't know. Maybe it's time we conservatives look not to our representatives, but to each other. Maybe we need to figure out compromises between our groups and realize that we can't all have everything we want. In a democracy, we're ALL minorities. And republicans...

Don't do something stupid like pandering to the small minority that doesn't want unity. ;-)

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