October 17, 2014

Delaware's News Journal suffers from this

.. but to be fair, it usually suppresses any mention of race -- black, white, whatever.

From Eric Raymond at Armed and Dangerous:

There is an effective taboo against truthfully reporting incidents in which black criminals yell racial epithets and threats at white victims during the commission of street crimes. If not for webbed security-camera footage we’d have no idea how depressingly common this seems to be – the press certainly won’t cop to it in their print stories.

No conspiracy theory is required to explain the silence here. Reporters and editors are nervous about being thought racist, or (worse) having “anti-racist” pressure groups demonstrating on their doorsteps. The easy route to avoiding this is a bit of suppressio veri – not lying, exactly, but not uttering facts that might be thought racially inflammatory.

The pattern of suppression is neatly explained by the following premises: Any association of black people with criminality is inflammatory. Any suggestion that black criminals are motivated by racism to prey on white victims is super-inflammatory. And above all, we must not inflame. Better to be silent.

What the press is teaching Americans to assume, story after story, is that if “youths” commit public violence and they are not specified to be white, or hispanic, or asian — then it’s yet another black street gang on a wilding.

And look -- I understand that feeling among the press. This country has a long history of denigrating African-Americans. But this is 2014. I know that a color-blind perspective is fairly passé these days, especially among the Left but as Raymond notes,

It’s not clear to me that this kind of indulgence is any better – even for blacks themselves – than the old racist arrangement in which blacks “knew their place” and were systematically cowed into submission to the law. After all – if it needs pointing out again – the victims of black crime and trash culture are mainly other blacks. Press silence is empowering thugs.

And of course, the same press acts in the completely opposite manner when the races/ethnicities are reversed. George Zimmerman, an Hispanic, was labeled a "white Hispanic" by the press which clearly served to inflame white-black tensions.

In Ferguson, MO, the press couldn't get enough cameras and reporters there fast enough, and the line "unarmed black teenager" (Michael Brown) couldn't be said enough times -- as if the fact that he was unarmed means the officer was absolutely and without question in the wrong.

Alas, the mainstream media may actually think it's doing some sort of public service by suppressing race indicators in some cases, but on the other hand going beyond reason to find racial backgrounds in others. But like way too many other instances of good intentions, the results end up in the toilet.

And this is if you think the media actually has good intentions ...

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