October 02, 2014

We're in the best of hands

Reports are coming forth that all the Secret Service nonsense that has come to light of late may not be entirely the fault of the still-inept Julia Pierson.

Reporter Carol Leonnig paints a picture of an out-of-touch administrator with very little real-world experience as an agent in a post-9/11 world who regularly succumbed to hectoring requests from White House staffers to tone down the security footprint of the Secret Service for appearances sake:

"In her 18 months in charge, Pierson also became the subject of derision among some lower-level agents for accommodating the White House staff’s wishes for less-cumbersome security over the warnings of her tactical teams." (Source)

But hey, the appearance was good, right -- a woman in charge of the unit?

Par for the course for this bunch of pathetic lemons: All style, zippo substance.

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