September 19, 2014

Again, why "hate crime" laws are a joke

In this case, the brutal beating of a gay couple in Philly a few days ago ... doesn't "fit" any of the state's statutes, if you can believe that:

"The current law for ethnic intimidation, a/k/a a 'hate crime,' in the commonwealth states: 'In order for ethnic intimidation to be charged, the malicious intention toward the religion, ethnicity or race of the victim must be the motive for the commission of the underlying crime,'" Tasha Jamerson, spokeswoman for the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, told the Daily News' Helen Ubiņas. "So, no, we would not be able to charge with ethnic intimidation in this case."

The law was amended to include sexual orientation in 2002, but that was axed by the state Supreme Court on "procedural grounds" in 2008. Great.

So in what is obviously a hate crime, the couple is sh** out of luck. Figures. Obvious hate crimes don't get charged, highly questionable ones do. *Sigh*

Meanwhile, inexplicably offers up a "heartfelt" story on ... one of the alleged attackers. WTF??

Lawyers for the several members of the group that allegedly attacked the gay couple say their clients "would be 'coming in to give their sides of the story.'"

Can't wait to hear those.

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