September 01, 2014

Check your own backyard, first

Check out what comics writer Brian Michael Bendis tweets:

I get wanting Twitter to scan the medium for harassing garbage like that, but ... calling the cops? Aside from an actual threat of rape, alerting the authorities for someone calling you a "whore?" Or "slut?" I can't even see a harassment charge given that Twitter has a "block" function.

And here's a thought, Bendis: How 'bout clamoring for same w/regards to some of your foul-mouthed colleagues?

Should we call the cops for someone telling me (and others) to "Go f*** yourself?" Or what about telling someone to "STFU" (short for "Shut the F*** Up")? Or, what about demeaning comments in general towards those who don't share their political beliefs?

I won't hold my breath.

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