August 29, 2014

The perils of "diversity" and enforced political correctness

How about this from the UK:

An estimated 1,400 children were victims of child sexual exploitation between 1997 and 2013, according to an independent inquiry commissioned last fall by Rotherham’s Metropolitan Borough Council. But because the perpetrators were overwhelmingly “Asian” — for the most part, Muslim men from Pakistan — local authorities, from social-services managers to law enforcement, regularly neglected reports of rape, assault, and sex trafficking for fear of being deemed racist.

The Mirror notes that one teenaged girl was raped over 250 times during a two-year period. When she reported it to police, they did zippo: "She was told that, given that it was her word against her alleged abuser’s, her case 'probably wouldn’t go to court.'”

We've seen that here, albeit to a lesser extent (at least for now). The administration and the compliant media scoff at the term "War on Terror," and refer to acts of terrorism with ridiculous euphemisms like "Man-Caused Disasters." Identifying terrorists as radical Muslims, for the most part, is a big no-no -- we can't offend a religious minority, y'see ...

... and so on.

We don't have to go the UK route ... all we have to do is just wake the hell up.

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