August 12, 2014

The Rev. Donald Morton avoids basic points

... because they'd ruin his argument.

Unfortunately for the readers of the News Journal, Morton is yet another selective history aficionado, picking and choosing points to make a case against Israel. I will not bore you with a point-by-point approach; here are just a few snippets towards the end of the reverend's piece:

Tell her the truth about her violation of international law and arrogant behaviors. Stand up for human rights, including Palestinian human rights.

With all due respect, reverend, you can pick any violation of international law you wish ... but any since 1948 is pretty much moot as the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors violated the very first of the Israeli-Palestinian UN edicts -- that which created the two states in the first place.

... we call on our public servants to stand up for what’s right and just! U.S. Sens. Coons and Carper and U.S. Rep. Carney, stop voting for military aid to Israel. Don’t say one thing and do another.

Good enough. Then also call on a cessation of aid to the Palestinians, Egypt, Syria, et. al. Especially until all parties agree in writing to recognize Israel and to cease any and all terrorist support/attacks against her.

We speak now to Palestinian people who are indigenous to their land – those who have been made to live in poverty and have been relegated to the margins – we are here to tell you that you are not forgotten!

And whose fault is that, reverend? The original 1948 Partition Plan created two states (just like the Palestinians and other Arab states claim they want now) -- one predominately Jewish and the other Arab. It wasn't the nascent Israel which gobbled up the land relegated to the Palestinians. The surrounding Arab countries did so, notably Egypt and Jordan. They are the ones who have "relegated (the Palestinians) to the margins" and have made them live in poverty for over sixty years.

Such historical ignorance like Rev. Morton's is disheartening, especially given his obvious good intentions. But the Palestinian situation is not very much akin to that of black Americans from fifty or so years ago and prior like he further claims.

To make it so, one would have to believe that black Americans had been kept as second-class citizens by other blacks from countries surrounding the US ... and that land given to them was appropriated by same. Then, black Americans would have been used as scapegoats by these other countries in the cause of destroying the United States proper, with black enclaves within the US launching terrorist attacks without.

That doesn't sound at all like the actual black American experience, does it?

The constant blaming of Jews and Israel for the plight of the Palestinians is truly baffling. Aside from the Partition Plan of 1948, the same Arab states which gobbled up Palestinian land in that year attacked Israel again in 1967 and 1973. In the former, the Israelis had had enough and kept some conquered land as "buffers" against future aggression.

If you don't believe Israel would be willing to trade land for peace, just ask Anwar Sadat (in heaven, mind you). He got Egypt back the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for peace with Israel. During Bill Clinton's presidency, Yasir Arafat had an opportunity to get most of the rest of the pre-1967 territory back. He declined.

Nevertheless, Israel still gave Gaza its independence ... and the powers that be there turned the territory into a terrorist outpost, launching rockets constantly into Israel. Does anyone seriously believe Israel wanted to blockade Gaza as a result -- knowing what the predictable reaction (like the reverend's) would be? Are Israelis simply gluttons for (world) punishment?

Get real!

So let's summarize:

  • The Palestinians had their state in 1948 with the original UN Partition Plan
  • The territory for that state was gobbled up by Arab neighbors in the (futile) attempt to drive out the Jews from the land allotted to them in the UN plan
  • The Palestinians and Arab countries attempted to destroy Israel again 1967 and 1973
  • The two attempts noted above are in addition to constant terrorist efforts against Israel
  • Israel gave back the Sinai to Egypt in exchange for recognition and a true peace
  • Years later, Israel offered almost all of the rest of conquered territory to Yasir Arafat. He turned it down.
  • Israel still allowed Gaza autonomy despite Arafat's refusal.
  • Those who run Gaza (like Hamas) turned the land into a terrorist enclave which constantly launched rockets into Israel and served as a base from which other attacks were generated.

But, somehow, the Jews are to blame for all of this.

Yes. Somehow.

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