August 07, 2014

The border crisis in a nutshell

NRO's Jim Geraghty from his e-mailed Morning Jolt:

The unsecure border is an entirely theoretical problem for most of our political class. Lawmakers rarely if ever encounter illegal immigrants, much less dangerous ones, on Capitol Hill, or at their high-dollar fundraisers. Illegal immigrants don't climb over the fence of Camp David or the White House. The president isn't likely to run into many illegal immigrants in his upcoming two-week vacation at Martha's Vineyard.

Indeed. Just like Robert Redford's recent example of "doing as I say, not as I do" (cripes, how many examples of such "progressivity" do we need??), you don't see the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden (who yesterday said that the illegal children who have made it to the border and beyond are "our kids") lining up to open their spacious mansions for the very illegals whose "rights" they so vociferously defend ... do you?

This, and the predilection for the current administration to either thumb its nose at the law AND/OR sue anyone who gets in the way of what they want, is why I advocated what I did here: border state governors and other officials should do what they have to to secure and enforce the damn border. Let Boss Obama, Eric Holder or whomever else sue 'ya. And if you lose, just do what they've done: use agencies at your disposal to "do what you have to do." Y'know, like they did with the IRS. At least, in your case, you'll be adhering to and enforcing the law.

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