July 29, 2014

Liberal comics beat scribe laments knee-jerk accusations by "diversophiles"

David Brothers is a left-of-center writer of things comicbook, and even he is weary of the current way comic companies are "marketing" their move to greater diversity:

Marvelís making moves to increase the character diversity in their books, and drawing ire from the usual gang of idiots. Which Iím all for, even though Iím way more for creator diversity, and believe is a good thing. But the thing thatís grating is that instead of putting the work out on its own merits and marketing it about how great it is, a lot of the conversation around it has been about the basics that hate it.

Iíve been seeing Marvel folks, mostly white dudes but not entirely, retweet or address or bring up racists and scumbags and sexists while pushing their books, positioning themselves as taking a stand against these people talking trash.

If you disagree with whatever for genuine reasons, but you phrase it as ďI donít like that the Falcon is Captain America,Ē the reaction to that is now tilted heavily toward ďOh, whatíre you, racist?Ē instead of it being something more reasonable.

Brothers, who is black, nails it closed with this: "Somebody calling you a ni**er ainít a badge of honor. You donít show off your gunshot wounds. You donít crow about how people hate you in the name of making yourself look good."

Thank you, Mr. Brothers.

'Ya hear that (Caucasian) Dan Slott, Ron Marz, Mark Waid, Rick Remender, Gail Simone, and Tom Brevoort, among others?

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Great post, once again this is Marvel using diversity as a marketing stunt. This is a company taking advantage of minorities to gain attention.
How sad and unethical this company has become.
FYI you should look at the Ms. Marvel sales they are not as good as they like to say they are.

Thor sales down...Change the character
Captain America sales down...Change the character
Iron Man sales down...take a guess?

See a pattern besides poor writing?

Posted by: truthwillwin at July 30, 2014 02:23 PM

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