July 25, 2014

Governor Markell, like Boss Obama

The First State's governor sure has learned well from our president -- when it comes to lying, that is. Despite stating that Delaware had nowhere to place any illegal immigrant children that have been flooding our southern border, Jack Markell recently announced that 117 of these children have been placed with families in the state.

[Markell] urged lawmakers to "remain mindful that we are called upon to provide for the least of our brothers and sisters."

He called the U.S. a "nation of immigrants," saying "the humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors fleeing dangerous situations at home does not just affect our border states; it impacts all of us as Americans. Whatever one's politics, we are a nation of immigrants."

*Sigh* The 'ol "nation of immigrants" schtick, eh? Conveniently forgetting the term "illegal," eh Jack? Spare me. Not to mention, the whole "fleeing dangerous situations" is mostly bunk. Interviews have shown that the vast majority of those arriving at our borders currently have fled not because of "dangerous situations at home," but because they think they can stay in the United States.

Markell also noted that "the presence of child migrants in Delaware may come at a cost for state taxpayers." Perfect. Just perfect.

He also pulled the racism card, saying "Unfortunately, the debate around immigration has been marked too often by scare-mongering and xenophobia." Again, perfect. *Yawn*

Markell, like Boss Obama, has become a laughing stock; however, unlike Obama and the Democrat Party nationally, Markell and his party will easily maintain power here in the First State. This fact shows how utterly moribund the GOP is here in DE.

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