July 19, 2014

OK, Marvel is officially off the reservation now

Michael B. Jordan, the new (and African-American) Human Torch in the upcoming rebooted Fantastic Four flick, said that the film's story isn't exactly what we may be expecting:

Itís not your typical superhero film, you know, we arenít looking at this as like, being superheroes. Weíre more or less a bunch of kids that had an accident and we have disabilities now that we have to cope with, and try to find a life afterwards Ė try to be as normal as we can.

So, does the title now mean that "everyone is 'fantastic' in their own way" ... or something? Or, to put it another way: WTF???

At the very least, this'll give the self-righteous comicbook creators something else with which to prove their moral/cultural "superiority" ... especially moonbat Gail Simone who's never wasted an opportunity to make snide remarks about those who criticize such ridiculous PC moves.

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"we have disabilities now that we have to cope with"

I think that shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the FF work. For the most part, three out of four are fine with having powers and don't consider it a disability. Yeah, they would have to learn to control their powers, but that goes for every other single hero in comic books. (Incidentally, the whole "find a life and be as normal as possible" thing sounds like a retread of Spider-Man and the X-Men.)

How often do those three even concern themselves with finding a cure? I can't think of any examples, but even if there are, they're few and far between. The only one who does have a problem with his powers is Ben. It's a recurring theme of the book (especially when lesser writers feel the need to go back to the well and undo any time Ben has come to terms with it).

Any focus on the others' desire to be normal takes time away from Ben (the most sensible focal point), as well as incur the question "What the hell do you three have to be upset about? You can turn your powers off." ('Course, if they had Ben yell that during the movie, I could get on-board with this idea.)

"So, does the title now mean that "everyone is 'fantastic' in their own way" ... or something?"

Perhaps the makers of the new FF movie should watch the best FF movie ("The Incredibles") for some pointers:

Helen: Everyone's special, Dash.
Dash: Which is another way of saying no one is.

Posted by: tops116 at July 19, 2014 01:51 PM

Great comment Tops116!
Marvel finding a way to say no one is special...except for their writers.

Posted by: truthwillwin1 at July 21, 2014 09:44 AM

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