July 10, 2014

Thoughts from our nation's capital

I'm currently in DC for a conference later today. So, because I slept like crap last evening and I've already seen all the DC sights several times in the last twenty years or so, here are a few musings (as usual, because no one demanded it):

-- Getting to DC reminded me of how much I absolutely DETEST driving in big cities.

-- The valet/bellboy and gal at the hotel front desk were incredibly friendly and helpful. Thus, I tipped very well. Good, cheerful service is hard to come by, these days.

-- I spent a good deal of time this morning with CNN on the tube. I wonder why I chose to torture myself so. But it's certainly no wonder why the network's ratings are in the crapper. Virtually the entire three-plus hours featured the hosts parroting Boss Obama/White House talking points and pressing GOP/conservative guests with them.

In addition, their coverage of the current border crisis was abysmal. They featured a story implying the town of Murrieta is racist for their protests against the arrival of illegal immigrant-filled buses: A graphic was shown detailing the town's demographics (70% white, below 10% poverty level) and then compared it to a town closer to the border which is 80% Latino and over 25% poverty level. An interview with the latter's mayor (whose town was more "accepting" of the illegals) showed he believed Murrieta had a racial angle to their protests. The CNN reporter then relayed that to the mayor of Murrieta, asking along the lines of "But can you understand the compassion concern?"

I wonder how quickly the CNN reporters would be willing to accept these buses into their communities.

Shortly thereafter, another talking head pounded Texas Governor Rick Perry about the border situation ... again, with Boss Obama talking points. Make no mistake -- there's certainly nothing wrong with tough questions. But when they all come from one side, not to mention when liberal/Democrat guests just sit there on the split screen nodding their heads in agreement with the host ...

Just now, the two 11am hosts featured a detailed story about the "harrowing" journey these immigrants have to make from a small hamlet in Guatemala. They note how they have to travel the entire length of Mexico to get to the US. Not included: Why Mexico does little-to-nothing about it. Cut back to the hosts who tell us Guatemalans "are great people," and they're "just looking for a better life." I've no doubt about either. But there's a process by which this should occur. And, again, I doubt anyone of these CNN pundits would gleefully welcome these new arrivals into their town, let alone their homes. (CNN is interviewing a foster mom right now who's hosting some "undocumented" kids.)

Does anyone still wonder why Fox News dominates cable news? It's not that they're fairer in their coverage (they are), it's simply that they give the other side (usually the conservative/Republican) a hearing ... and a fair shake.

-- Spider-Man writer Dan Slott responded to this tweet of mine yesterday. Which is funny since he blocked me long ago for daring to challenge some of his more ridiculous tweets. The dude actually actively searches out hashtag mentions??

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