July 06, 2014

Does he really not understand the difference?

Here's a Twitter pic retweeted by our pal Dan Slott:

Slott asks of writer Tony Lee, a London-based writer who had also retweeted it, and Peter Anghelides, the tweet's originator: "Eep! Is this really how we look to the Brits?"

The text on the original tweet says "Spot the difference competition."

Y'see, it seems the "message" we're suppose to draw from this is all religions have their extremists, and that society shouldn't judge everyone based on the actions of "a few."

Except, as clear thinking people realize (and, thankfully, some pointed out on the Twitter feeds in question), the person on the right won't hesitate to kill you merely for not believing as she does. Or for saying something against her religion. Or merely because you're an Israeli. Etc.

The girl on the left, simply, wouldn't do any of those things. Not even close. The Bible and gun simply represent rights embodied in the very Constitution which governs us (represented by the flag in the background).

Dan Slott often tweets about bigotry and intolerance -- the kind he doesn't like. Like here, for instance. But as we've seen, he gets upset when people think he implies "everyone" of a certain group, yet he doesn't waste any time doing just that to someone else if there's no "requisite disclaimer."

Here's an example of bigotry which is perfectly acceptable to Dan Slott:

Just like the top pic above, that there's little/no difference between an American female who believes in the First and Second Amendments and a Middle Eastern jihadist woman who wouldn't hesitate to detonate a set of bombs strapped to her body just to off a few "infidels," people who believe in gun ownership rights -- again, rights which are codified in our highest legal document -- are dimwitted, gutteral-voiced "'Muricans" to people like the gnomish Dan Slott.

There are many contemporary comicbook creators who think as Slott does. It's how they think about you.

(Thanks to Doug Ernst for the various screen caps.)

UPDATE: My 'ol pal David Gerstman notes that the woman on the right is Reem Riyashi. Check out her story here.

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More to the point -- the one is a satirical photo, while the other is a celebration of terrorism.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at July 6, 2014 02:40 PM

Now the boobs who support Wendy Davis are using this meme.


Posted by: Rhymes With Right at July 6, 2014 07:09 PM


Posted by: Hube at July 6, 2014 07:11 PM

If Dan Slott asked for a glass of water from the woman on the left while he wandered the desert, she would give it to him without flinching. If Dan Slott asked for a glass of water from the woman on the right she would ask if he was a Jew and then proceed to kill him when he answered "yes."

I guess that this hypothetical scenario is moot anyway since the woman on the right a suicide bomber is no longer with us... **cough**cough**

It seems like almost every week these guys try to reach new levels of stupid.

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at July 6, 2014 08:21 PM

This as well as others is the reason we need to continue to spread the truth. People like Slott twist the truth and clearly do not have any idea about how the world really is. We need to educate others and then have them spread the word as well. The left likes to play games with manipulation and we cannot stand to let it ruin this nation! We have a big task but if we unite we can do this!
Do not let silly falsehoods run, we must continue to call these silly lies out as often as possible. I say this with a heavy heart that we must also reach out to these people do not forget that they are ignorant and have been mislead as well. Pray for them that they will see the truth.

Posted by: Truthwillwin1 at July 7, 2014 09:06 AM

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