June 26, 2014

Star Trek 3 to take place in deep space

The only problem is that 9/11 Truther moonbat Roberto Orci is still part of the creative team. I think the threequel could suffer from what has happened to a lot of third installments: They suck.

At the end of Into Darkness, Kirk and crew of the Enterprise were heading for deep space on their first five-year mission. To me, this sounds like a better jumping off point for a new TV series, not another flick.

Orci did make a good point in response to an all-too ridiculous PC question: What about an openly gay character in the cast? He says:

It can be part of a character and not be the whole shebang…It doesn’t’ have to be like South Park, like ‘what have we learned today.’ It can be so normalized that it just exists. I agree it can’t be shoe-horned in. And it is not necessary for it to be the whole point of the thing. It is an ensemble and there is lots of people to represent so no one point of view should hog it.

But, admittedly, article author Devin Faraci also makes a good point in that, just as Spock and Uhura have an occasional scene romance, why not show same involving, say, Chekov and another dude, or better yet, Sulu? The latter would make a great homage to George Takei, the original Sulu who's been out as gay for many years now.

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I wouldn't mind them making a character (even an established one in the Big 7) gay so long as the decision didn't reek of "Look how progressive we are!" or fall into obnoxious stereotypes.

It's like what Faraci or you said. Just have someone kiss someone of the same gender. The audience will be stunned, but the characters will (hopefully) not treat it as a big deal.

Posted by: tops116 at June 28, 2014 12:19 AM