June 13, 2014

Marvel's value system in a nutshell

Via FCMM: Marvel's Tom Brevoort commented that Marvel would "certainly be interested in the abstract" in hiring legendary Frank Miller to do a Captain America story ... as long as it's not akin to the creator's Holy Terror tale.

But, as Avi Green notes, Marvel had little issue with the ridiculous Truth: Red, White, and Black Captain America tale which painted American scientists as on par with Nazis.

Get it? OK to portray the US as Hitleresque; not OK to have a symbol of America go after Islamic terrorists.

This is the modern value system that Marvel and DC (and some other companies) possess at the moment.

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Marvel also didn't have issue with using Cap to bash the Tea Party--y'know, until people complained. Then Marvel performed the old "it's absolutely not what you think it is, but we're changing it anyway" song and dance.

Posted by: tops116 at June 14, 2014 09:47 PM

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