June 04, 2014

The Boss Obama administration in a nutshell

Boss Obama has traded five high-ranking Taliban/al Qaeda types who were imprisoned in Gitmo ... for a dude who, according to those who served with him, is a deserter.

Not to mention, this deserter's father, Bob Bergdahl, has been tweeting in favor of releasing more Gitmo prisoners:

That isn't all. Bergdahl had deleted a tweet which was even more explicit:

And what about him praising Allah at the Rose Garden event, followed by President Lemon giving him a big hug?

If you don't think something is fishy about all this, then you're a true believer. Five top Gitmo detainees for a guy who left his post to wander off into the desert and was captured? Whose father is sympathetic to those who nabbed his son? What is the positive here? Jay Carney couldn't answer the simple question of whether Bergdahl was a deserter. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel kept referring to POWs in his statements, confusing the issue between "illegal combatants" which are what the Gitmo inmates truly are.

Then there's the issue of Boss Obama ignoring the law -- again. The National Defense Authorization Act says that "the president must give Congress 30 days’ notice before transferring war prisoners out of Gitmo, along with an explanation of steps taken to mitigate any potential threat the release poses to the United States." This did not happen.

Obama certainly may be playing to his base here, attempting to close Guantánamo before the end of his second term, as well as assuage anti-war lefties by trading for a dude like Bergdahl. But really?? What harm is this going to do to Hillary? How will she be able to shield herself?

In the words of Liam Neeson's daughter's Albanian kidnappers, "Good luck."

Jim Geraghty has much more about this dubious prisoner swap.

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