June 04, 2014

Another dopey complaint about comicbook (movie) diversity

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw shows yet again why she's just another wacky social justice warrior complaining about the usual "lack of diversity" -- this time regarding the X-Men movie franchise.

Seriously? Yes, unfortunately. Gavia acknowledges that the mutant characters "have always been good at building this political allegory (disenfranchised populations) without becoming overly preachy," but "they’ve also been downright abysmal at acknowledging people who face this type of discrimination in real life." Oh, but hasn't the author listened to Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott? These are only comicbook characters! Real life? C'mon!

Folks, if there ever was a set of mainstream comicbook characters (and stories) that best deals with bigotry and prejudice, it is the X-Men. Bitching that Wolverine has replaced Kitty Pryde as the main focal point of "Days of Future Past" (gasp! How dare a white male character be so damn popular!) will only make all but the most radical Maoist diversity nuts chuckle in disbelief.

The last we saw of Baker-Whitelaw, she was miffed at something similar. She still fails to grasp that green is the most important color to [comicbook] flick makers.

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