May 26, 2014

OK to blame ALL men for Cali mass shooting

Carl brings word of comicbook scribe Chris Roberson blaming -- wait for it! -- ALL men for the psycho in California who murdered a half dozen people because he wasn't getting laid.

Get it? ALL MEN. Even if you don't come anywhere close to the mental instability of the killer (Elliot Rodger), it just doesn't matter:

So many women have been the victims of violent assault that itís easy for well-intentioned dudes in the majority to play the ďNot All MenĒ game, even if they are smart enough not to SAY that phrase. THEY donít assault women, after all. They might not even objectify women. They might have had their consciousness elevated, and are consciously feminist, and avoid doing or saying anything that could be interpreted as overly sexist.

But Iím here to tell you, as one of those kinds of guys, that we are STILL part of the problem. Because of the culture that we belong to, and the unexamined assumptions that were engrained in all of us, even those raised by the more forward thinking and progressive of parents.

Now just imagine for one moment Roberson opining the above ... and replacing "Muslim" for "men." Think it would happen? What about "black" for "men"? Nope. Those two demographics are sacrosanct, dammit. Only men -- or to be more precise, white men -- can be blamed as a group for the ills of all mankind. Roberson will get nothing but cheers from "progressives" for his thesis, and his prog bonafides will remain in good standing, without a doubt.

But in the real world, guys like Edward Trimnell know better.

I'm always struck by straight white guys like Roberson (and scifi writer John Scalzi who retweeted Roberson's screed) who launch into these self-righteous lectures, but never seem to do anything concrete about it. Y'know, like scoot on over and let an historically oppressed female or minority take over their gig. Oh, but forget that. Because in this case (and seemingly, in this case only) THEY have earned what they've gotten.

But you? You're just a beknighted peon. Do what they tell you.

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Roberson's screed is beyond ridiculous. Yet another self-loathing white liberal who needs to assuage his guilt. I would never assault a woman. I treat women with respect and any woman I'd go out with I'd treat her like a queen. I would never harm a woman, or anyone for that matter. Why? Because I'm not a violent man, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Posted by: Carl at May 26, 2014 02:10 PM

Let's see: I have yet to meet the right woman, and I don't plan on going on any rampages and killing people. Why? I'm not a violent man, nor am I a lunatic like Rodger was. Take that, Roberson.

Check out Twitchy. There have been lunatic feminists who have used this tragedy to not only call for gun control but also are using it as an excuse to demonize all men. It's disgusting.

Posted by: Carl at May 27, 2014 02:03 PM

"not all men" is one of the stupidest feminist memes i have ever encountered, right up there with all the blathering about fedoras

Posted by: Starfire at May 28, 2014 09:41 PM

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