May 19, 2014

The "wisdom" of Dan Slott

The writer of Spider-Man (Superior, Amazing, or whatever) once again meanders into the realm of philosophy. Because, y'know, since he's a "hotshot" comicbook writer at the moment, he's "smart":

With lefties, it's funny how "progressive" viewpoints and ideas always are permitted to "evolve," whereas conservative ones are to be perpetually stuck in the Dark Ages. But using Slottian "logic," "progressive" could be a cowardly term for eugenics. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was not only pro-eugenics, but a racist, straight up. And let's not bother to bring up the sordid history of the Democrat Party ... !

In addition, "traditional values" still has valid meaning in many ways: Hard work, [actually] raising a family, not screwing your fellow man, manners, altruism ... wonder why Slott overlooked these?

Because he resides in The Bubble, that's why.

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Slott continues to prove just what an idiot he really is. Bring up the fact that Sanger was a monstrous racist (the whole progressive movement has roots in racism) and hardcore Democrats will tell you "who cares" and "to get a life" and "STFU, they do good work" as I found out when I talked about it on Facebook two years ago. And the KKK was founded as the paramilitary arm of the Democrats, during Reconstruction, but that fact gets conveniently buried in the annals of history.

And Slott also acts like every other progressive in bringing up slavery so he can demean the term traditional values. Standard progressive tactic right there. That's not unlike the idiots who use the term "racial code language" to dismiss legitimate criticism of Obama. So he doesn't believe in hard work? Not surprising, considering what little effort goes into his horrid comics and how he's always moaning about supposed deadlines, even though today's comics can get delayed for multiple years and published years later, if it all. Slott doesn't have manners, either. Otherwise he wouldn't act like an immature kid on the internet.

Posted by: Carl at May 26, 2014 08:59 AM

Wisdom and Dan Slott should never be used in the same sentence except for one situation:
Dan Slott lacks wisdom.

Posted by: NA at June 26, 2014 02:46 PM

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