May 15, 2014

Tim Tebow vs. Michael Sam

I don't think you could find a more shallow article than this by the Philly Daily News's Jenice Armstrong. It's not the subject matter per se; it's just that she touches all the "right" buttons regarding the "historic" draft of Michael Sam into the NFL. Sam is the first openly gay player to be drafted, in case you missed it.

Here's Armstrong:

"Kisstory" is how the New York Daily News dubbed the passionate lip-locks between Michael Sam and his boyfriend, who happens to be white and very good-looking. The headline-making smooches took place Saturday after Sam, who is African-American and quite the hunk himself, learned he'd been drafted in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams.

Their kisses were the real deal. Done without an ounce of shame or reticence. They were two men in the moment expressing profound relief and joy. It was a sweet, unadulterated outpouring of feelings captured by an ESPN film crew. Watching all that raw, honest masculine emotion made me tear up.

To the homophobes reading this, I'd like to point out that the world didn't come to an end because Sam kissed his hot boyfriend, Vito Cammisano.

Let's see, you got the obligatory reference to 1) race; 2) interracial relationship; 3) "genuine" expression of "masculine" emotion; and 4) invocation of a "phobia" so as to dissuade any criticism. *Yawn*

As a lifelong Rams fan, I couldn't care one whit about Sam's sexuality, as long as he can play the game and doesn't make being gay a distraction like former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe did. But perhaps even more fascinating (well, not really, knowing the mainstream press as we do) is the fawning over Sam (and his draft is significant, let's make that clear) ... yet Tim Tebow was relentlessly mocked

Take this article by Deadspin's Tommy Craggs. Let's, as "progressives" like to do with conversations regarding homosexuality, (stuff like "Just put 'gay' where 'black' used to be!" for example) replace "homosexuality" where Craggs has "faith," and "Michael Sam" where "Tim Tebow" is. Now do you think this article would be "acceptable" by contemporary MSM standards (such that they are)? I seriously doubt Craggs would criticize those who called a tough hit on Sam -- whose pummeler then mocked him with a "limp wrist salute" -- "dangerous territory." Indeed, he'd be screaming "HOMOPHOBIA!!" at the very top of his lungs. In addition, what do you think the reaction would be if MSM sports types said "I wish he'd just shut up," or "It's embarrassing to think the Rams could win with Sam!!" You got it: "HOMOPHOBES!!" (QB Jay Cutler said the first quote about Tebow, and ESPN's Merril Hoge, the second.)

Tebow ultimately disappeared because his performance on the field didn't cut it. That's what matters, after all. Sam, drafted almost last in this year's draft, has a long way to go to make the Rams' roster. If he gets cut by St. Louis, what do you think the immediate MSM reaction will be? That the team "wasn't ready for [an openly] gay player"? That the team is "homophobic?" Such MSM types already pondered just this with the aforementioned Chris Kluwe, despite his lousy on-field results.

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