May 11, 2014

Today's must read

That would be Larry Correia's post Operation Pouty Face. Here's a taste:

For the idiot libprog pussies with the selfies, the world is a violent place, filled with violent men. If you actually want something to be done about these evil people, maybe you shouldn’t bitch, whine, and moan every time our military takes action against evil people. It seems odd to me that the same people demanding military action for this are the same ones that complain about military action for anything else. Oh, but wait, I forgot, the left has no overriding principles, and to them violence is always bad unless their guy does it, and evil is relative depending on how it trends on Twitter.

(h/t to Carl)

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I enjoyed his post immensely. And it's true. The same people who want us to use the military to get the girls back are the same ones who scream and moan every time we do use the military against evil people.

And this slavery thing has been going on for years, and only now these liberal dolts are interested? Normally this is something that they ignore because it undermines their politically correct worldviews. They're just taking the selfies because they want attention for themselves. They could probably care less about the kidnapped girls.

This kind of "hashtag activism" is pointless because it never accomplishes a damn thing and is only done by people who crave attention for themselves.

Or in the case of "activist" Suey Park, she just makes s*** up and wants people to get outraged about non-existent problems.

Posted by: Carl at May 11, 2014 03:44 PM

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