May 07, 2014

Global Warming ... Climate Change ... Climate Disruption

The White House seeks to alter The NarrativeTM again.

Meanwhile, NPR(!) actually made sense five years ago by pointing out what I have (most recently yesterday) for years now: namely, that even stopping CO2 emissions completely today won't significantly alter the quantity of the gas in the atmosphere for 1,000 years. Which directly rebuts President Lemon who yesterday said "We also have a chance to turn back these rising temperatures if we take some bold actions now."

Well, yeah, if we're worried about temperatures in 3014. Which, sorry -- I'm not. Even the far-left Think Progress (via Ace) has noted that climate change climate "disruptions" are largely irreversible at this point. Nevertheless, the lapdog mainstream media dutifully reported on Boss Obama's "climate summit" hyping the perils of climate change climate "disruptions" whilst ignoring there is pathetically little we can do to alter the situation in the here and now.

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