May 02, 2014

Don't attempt logic; your opponents have none

The Legislative Black Caucus in South Carolina is demanding Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom apologize for comments he made about HBCs -- Historically Black Colleges. Let's just see what he said:

"I'm committed to the university because it's a university, not because it's a historically black university. I think the sooner this state gets away from the concept of talking about historically black universities is a step forward for this state," he said. "We no longer talk about historically white universities. I think we need to deal with the issues of funding needs at South Carolina State because it's an institution of higher learning."

The Black Caucus said "Eckstrom needs to research why historically black universities exist."

Funding matters aside, I'd imagine Mr. Eckstrom is fully aware of why such institutions exist. But how does that make what he said inappropriate? As we've noted numerous here at Colossus (see here, for one), when the University of Michigan argued before the US Supreme Court about affirmative action, much of its rationale hinged on what they dubbed a "critical mass" of diversity that [supposedly] enhances educational benefits. So ... where is this "critical mass" at HBCs that would enhance the education of its students?

Don't attempt to rationalize it. Because, like much of political correctness, you can't.

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I think HBCs are an anachronism in today's day and age, to be honest. In today's world, there is nothing preventing African-Americans from attending major colleges like there was when HBCs were originally formed.

Posted by: Carl at May 2, 2014 03:51 PM

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