May 01, 2014

Why I need to consider early retirement

Stuff like this will only become more common, I fear:

A Montgomery County couple recently sued their son's private school in Potomac because they say the school let their son fail academically.

The parents of Max Bramson sued the Bullis School saying the school breached their contract by not giving their son the attention he deserved.

The mom says the school didn't notify her "that he was doing poorly" and that his advisor "never advised him." Thankfully, a judge with a modicum of common sense threw out the lawsuit, but the Bramson's are appealing. They say that Max was "rejected from every school (college) he applied to," so now he attends Montgomery Community College.

Um, I kinda doubt one "D" in Honors Biology is the cause of all those rejections. Seems to me there must quite a bit more, academically speaking, that we don't know about. And mom? You had no idea Max was doing poorly? How is that possible? Do you talk with your son? And a check of the school's website shows that teachers have pages for listing assignments and homework. Did you keep up to date on those, mom?


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