April 28, 2014

We're in the best of hands

Via Ace: Secretary of State "Lurch" Kerry explained to world leaders that Israel would become an "apartheid state" if it doesn't make peace with its neighbors. I wonder how anxious Lurch would be to "make peace" if his neighbors were lobbing rockets over the fence at his multi-million dollar mansion. But even more (sadly) is idiot State Dept. spox Jen Psaki who, fresh on the heels of "telling off Russia" via Twitter hashtag, "backs up" Kerry's claims by citing two far-left sources: The Daily Kos and Think Progress.

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To call Israel an "apartheid state" is to suspend all reality. That's just as bad as former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters comparing Israel to the Nazis.

Posted by: Carl at April 29, 2014 04:36 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: We're in the best of hands
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