April 26, 2014

What comicbook "death" does stick?

Newsarama has a Top Ten list -- "10 Comic Book Deaths That Didn't Stick." To which I ask via the post title: Does any such perishing ever stay permanent? No. None. In fact, maybe someone can tell me a [major/semi-major] comicbook character that remained offed.

Even characters you'd never expect to be resurrected pop back up, usually to eye-rolling and slow head shakes. Take what Carl and I brought up in the comments here -- Marvel's Joe Quesada felt the need to reanimate Iron Man's very first nemesis, Wong Chu, in early volume 3 of Shellhead's book. Wong-freakin'-Chu. In addition, he revealed that Professor Yinsen's brain was still alive, and built an entire [armored] cult of personality around Yinsen and Stark dubbed The Sons of Yinsen.

And what about Norman Osborn? The original Green Goblin, after being impaled right through the torso by his own damaged glider in Amazing Spider-Man #122 (the scene captured fairly true in the original Spider-Man flick), managed to come back to life ... and become one of Marvel's most powerful villains in recent years. WTF. Speaking of Spidey, even friggin' Aunt May has "died" at least a couple of times and has been "brought back." Yeesh.

For me, the greatest dopey resurrection was that of Bucky Barnes, Captain America's sidekick. Bucky's death, for the longest time, was sort of the "gold standard" by which comicbook deaths could indeed remain permanent. That is, until writer Ed Brubaker decided to turn him into the Winter Soldier: Barnes, like Cap/Steve Rogers, was preserved via icy cold, and was discovered by a Soviet submarine. He was subjected to brainwashing and became a Russian super-spy. The latest Captain America film is largely based on this tale.

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I didn't like it when Bucky was resurrected, either. I always thought it was pointless. Ironically, I thought "The Winter Soldier" was a really good movie.

Green Goblin should've stayed dead as well. The only reason he was brought back was because the writers wanted a "mastermind" for the atrocious Clone Saga that was getting way out of hand.

Most comic book deaths are pointless because of how often the characters are resurrected. Jean Grey was killed twice, for Christ's sake. I'm honestly surprised Uncle Ben has stayed dead. And Thomas and Martha Wayne. Wait, I shouldn't give the hacks at today's Marvel and DC any ideas... they might try something "brilliant" like the Superior Uncle Ben.

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The Colossus of Rhodey: What comicbook "death" does stick?
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