April 23, 2014

The industry itself is not blameless

Interesting quote today at Robot 6 which captures comic creator Greg Rucka's thoughts on the douche who thought this shirt was appropriate for a big [comic] convention. Of course, as the ever-lovin' Furious D points out, the comics industry isn't exactly blameless when it comes to gender insensitivity, now is it?. After all, they routinely churn out material like this. And here, is it possible that many creators' shitty attitudes online are due to having to deal with "fans" on a routine basis who would wear shirts like that? Or, the other way around -- many fans' shitty attitudes are merely emulating those of many creators?

But back to Furious who nails it here: "When I was just a fledgling nerd a woman having an interest in the same things that I was interested in was viewed as a gift from Heaven." Indeed! What sort of "guy" would wear a shirt at a huge convention that exemplifies pre-fifth grade male sensibilities? Y'know, the 'ol "girls are icky" schtick? Doesn't that mind-set disappear around age 13 or so when the hormones begin moving and all of sudden you notice that girls are the greatest thing ever? Apparently not, for some.

Furthermore, don't let dopes like this turn the case of one (or more) socially inept buffoons into a cause célèbre for feminism and gender parity. Seriously -- equating the term "fangirl" with "blacks," "Jews," "Asians" or whatever? Dude, WTF.

Lastly, does anyone think if the offensive shirt had "conservatives" instead of "fangirls" there would be such an uproar? Yeah, me neither.

UPDATE: Well well WELL! Looks like the company that made the offensive shirt also offers it with "fanboy" instead of "fangirl." And has so since a year ago. But don't let stop the self-righteous!! No, no, NO. Take writer Kieron Gillen, for instance:

"Hate speech." Ye gad.

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I agree that the shirt is tasteless. It exemplifies a mentality that most guys leave behind when they reach puberty, but then again, it seems like there are a lot of people these days (comic writers included) who are basically overgrown fifth graders.

And that one moonbat in the comments is equating "fangirl' with "blacks" and "Jews?" Yeesh. There's no comparison whatsoever. And like you said, there wouldn't be an uproar from moonbat creators if fangirls was replaced with conservatives. There would be nothing but radio silence on their end.

Posted by: Carl at April 23, 2014 04:23 PM

Ed Trimnell has an interesting take on the perpetual feminist outrage about stuff like this here:


Posted by: Carl at April 23, 2014 04:24 PM

These days, liberals turn anything they disagree with into "hate speech."

Posted by: Carl at April 23, 2014 11:16 PM

The Colossus of Rhodey: The industry itself is not blameless
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