April 20, 2014

Today in what modern comicbook creators think of you

On a day when Spider-Man writer Dan Slott demonstrates he must be an obsessive-compulsive as he is still ranting about Douglas Ernst's post criticizing him from almost a year ago ... not to mention lecturing Israeli Avi Green about Muslim superheroes, we see Slott's fellow comic creator Erik Larsen retweeting the following, um, "sensitive" tweets:

(Direct links to the tweets are here and here.)

Aren't these ... "lovely?"

Personally, as a non-practicing Christian and fervent believer in free expression, the above images don't bother me. What does bother me is -- you guessed it -- the brazen hypocrisy of these infantile "professionals." It just never ends. It truly is astonishing how several part-time bloggers (agree with them or not, and I don't always, for what it's worth) -- exhibit more professionalism and decorum than ... "people" like Slott and Larsen.

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Wow. Just...wow.

As a practicing Catholic, I find this to be incredibly tasteless (understatement of the year award).

Using the Dan Slott litmus test for "bad" and "terrible" people, Erik Larson fits the bill. It's a good thing I don't use Slottian methods for judging someone's character.

Honestly, I just feel sorry for Mr. Larson. I'd love to sit down and talk with him about why he feels as though this sort of thing is appropriate. I'm sure something strange happened to him along the way that would inspire this kind of hate. Maybe if we talked about it we could figure out what his deal is and he could move past it.

Or, I can just do the Dan Slott thing: "I'm Catholic! I'm Catholic! I'm Cathooooooooolic! Rage!"

Posted by: Douglas Ernst at April 20, 2014 07:25 PM

LOL Doug. Indeed, as our buddy Nate noted, YOU are using your military service as a "shield," but SLOTT invoking his Judaism ... isn't.

And seriously -- can you see Slott, Larsen, Waid, Marz or any of the other far-left creators retweeting images/tweets about Mohammed? CHEE-YEAH, RIGHT.

Posted by: Hube at April 20, 2014 07:33 PM

Wow... as a non-practicing Lutheran, I have to say... that is pretty disgusting. Anyone who thinks that's remotely funny needs to have their head thoroughly examined. This is the kind of thing elementary school students do, not adults. How standards have fallen.

Like Hube said, would the moonbat creators post anything about Mohammed? Nope. They'd go apes*** and attack anyone who posted it.

Posted by: Carl at April 20, 2014 08:15 PM

I see Avi was attacked by a few of Slott's minions over at Infidel Bloggers' Alliance as well. The usual epithets "bigot" and "racist" were thrown around.

Posted by: Carl at April 20, 2014 08:32 PM

These guys are so lucky I can't draw. If I could I would do a similar cartoon about Mohammad, sign their name to it and circulate it all over the internet. Then I'd sit back and wait to hear the eulogy.

Posted by: Hoagie at April 23, 2014 07:41 PM

LOL, Hoagie.

Posted by: Hube at April 23, 2014 09:58 PM

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